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Social Welfare Service        

    The Department of Social Welfare and Development is a social welfare agency, an organization/or an agency that provides program and services to promote the well-being of individual groups and on communities who are expecting some difficulties on the management of their lives. The office is people oriented or deals people in the different walks of life and finds the welfare specially that of the needy people.

    Based on Executive Order No 15-_____, redirecting the functions and operations of the DSWD from direct service delivery of technical assistance provides as a result to the devolution of basic services to the local government units. Thus, the creation of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office.
1.    Identify the basic needs of the needy, the disadvantaged and the impoverished, and develop and implement appropriate measures to alleviate their problems and improve their living conditions;

2.    Provide relief and appropriate crisis intervention for victims of abuse and exploitation, and recommend appropriate measures to deter further abuse and exploitation;

3.    Assist the governor or mayor in implementing the barangay level program for the total development and protection of children up to six years of age;

4.    Facilitate the implementation of welfare programs for the disabled, elderly, and victims of drug addiction, the rehabilitation of prisoners and parolees, the prevention of juvenile delinquency and such other activities which would eliminate or minimize the ill-effects of poverty;

5.    Initiate and support youth welfare programs and those which would enhance their role in nation-building;

6.    Coordinate with government agencies and NGOs which have for their purpose the promotion and the protection of all needy, disadvantaged, underprivileged, or impoverished groups or individuals, particularly those identified to be vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, and neglect.

Family Welfare Program

            This program is intended to assist socially disadvantaged families to develop their capability in defining needs and formulating solutions to bring about desired social changes.


a.      Parent Effectiveness Services
b.      Planned Responsible Parenthood Services
c.      Family Enterprise Assistance/Livelihood Assistance
d.      Social Services for Solo Parents
e.      Marriage Counseling Services
f.       Practical Skills Development

 Child and Youth Welfare Program

            This refers to services and activities designed for the care, protection, and rehabilitation of children and youth in different situations and ensure their social adjustment and total growth and development.


1.      Daycare Services
2.      Supplemental Feeding
3.      Peer Group Services
4.      Protective Services
5.      Self-Employment Assistance
6.      Child Placement Service
7.      Special Services for Delinquent Youth
8.      Special Services for Youth in Conflict with the Law
9.      After Care Service

Community Welfare Program

            This program is intended to assist socially disadvantaged communities in developing their capability in defining needs and formulating solutions as well as setting up viable community structure which bring about desired social change.


1.      Community mobilization services
2.      community volunteer Resource Development
3.      Social Welfare Structures Development

WomenÂ’s Welfare Program

            This program aims to promote the welfare of disadvantaged women giving special attention to the prevention, eradication of exploitation of women in any form, including prostitution, illegal recruitment, as well as promotion of skills for employment and self-actualization.


1.      Social Communication Skills Development
2.      Maternal and Child Care
3.      Livelihood
4.      Self-Enhancement
5.      Community Participation
6.      Counseling
7.      Substitute Homecare

Physically Disabled Persons and Elderlies Welfare Program

            This refers to the provision of services on disability prevention, rehabilitation, and equalization of opportunities for physically, mentally, and socially disabled persons in order to enhance their capability to attain a more meaningful, productive, and satisfying way of life and ultimately become self-reliant and contributing members of society.

             The services are either community based on center-based.


1.      Disability Prevention
2.      Assistance for Physical restoration
3.      Survival Communication Skills Development
4.      Social and Self-Enhancement for Disable Persons
5.      Practical Skills Development
6.      Family Care for Disabled Persons
7.      Substitute Family Care
8.      After-care and Follow up Services

Emergency Assistance Program

            This program is intended to provide relief, restoration, and rehabilitation services to victims of natural calamities and social disorganization, as well as prepare people and the community to cope with disaster to prevent loss of lives and properties.


1.      Disaster Relief
2.      Assistance to Individual in Crisis Situation
3.      Emergency Shelter Assistance
4.      Core Shelter Assistance
5.      Food-for-work Services
6.      Disaster Preparedness Services


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