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    The Earth Dam in Brgy. Siloy is only 10.5 kms away from the town center.  It is an exquisite and enchanting “man made lake nestled between the mountains.”  It is a “mountaintop panorama that sets it apart from other adventure and historic places.” It offers superb recreation like boating and fishing and what makes it distinct from others is, it is best suited for personal and spiritual reflections. 






     There is much to offer at Bulawis Community Swimming Pool located at Bunawan, Calamba, Misamis Occidental just 4.8 from the town proper. Bulawis is one of the Calamba’s best and popular attractions. It is a legend to every one who visits the place.  A trademark of beauty that gives a whole new experience. “A haven of enjoyment and possibilities” as natural springs give life to the pool “along a river-gifted” with the splendor of nature. It is ideal for reunions, church groups, trainings, seminars, retreats, camps, parties of all kinds and banquets. A luxury in itself as one feels comfortable in the “cozy atmosphere of efficient service and warm smiles.”


  • Wooded Campsites
  • Modern Bathhouses and Restrooms
  • Spacious Nipa Cottages
  • Excellent Function Hall
  • Exciting Hiking Trails
  • Exotic Snack Bar and Grocery Store
  • Guarded Parking Lot
  • Innovative Native Kitchen
  • Specially Designed Picnic Tables and chairs
  • Modern Video-K Bar


  • Function Hall
  • Nipa Cottaages
  • Picnic Tables and Chairs


  • P  10.00  Children during daytime
  • P  20.00  Children  during nighttime
  • -------------------------------------------------
  • P  20.00  Adult during daytime
  • P  30.00 Adult during nighttime


Shopping Centers, Scenic Railroad, Restaurants, Hospital


Contact # : (088)-271-3289 or 271-3539



    Barangay San Isidro is one of the 19 brgys of Calamba, Misamis Occidental and it takes 20 minutes to reach the 9 kilometer slightly uphill barangay.   The place has become popular because of the famous century-old Lumbayaw Tree which proudly stands in front of the barangay hall.  It looks strong and magnificent through the years.  Its branches and green leaves thrust out to give shade to passersby and thrill everybody who would like to listen about its legend.  It is the only “silent and living witness left today that can testify the happenings of the time” hundred years back.


    Aside from being known as the center of trade and commerce in the northern part of the Province of Misamis Occidental, Calamba is said to be the “Spring Paradise” in the north.

     Calamba has been gifted with cool and freezing spring and waterfalls which usually hosts pictorials for beauty contests and family reunions/ gatherings. Spring is only a hundred meter away from Bulawis  Swimming Pool. The waterfalls are only 7 kilometers away from the heart of the municipality and it is located at Barangay San Isidro. Its crystal clear water and glitters like bits of diamonds as it falls from above. It offers a bounty of enjoyment and excitement.

    Leading to this waterfalls are either smooth or roughed roads. The adventurous travelers will really enjoy hiking the bushy roads going to the falls

    For a visit/tour to the earth dam, century old tree,   falls and springs arrangement should be made with the barangay captains or barangay officials of the said place or tour guide from the office of the Municipal Mayor and  Municipal Vice Mayor. 






    Strategically located at Southwestern Poblacion just along the national highway. Its building is a combination of the modern and native architectures. It offers fine dining, efficient catering service, and well-equipped function hall.  Robert’s has eight comfortable rooms to accommodate guests.  Well-trained staff welcomes visitors and guests and readily attends to their needs.   The place is very accessible to all kinds of vehicles with guarded parking area.

Robert’s Eatery also offers catering services for any sort of occasion.


Air-conditioned room  -  Php 500.00/person w/ TV
                                              Php 450.00/person w/o TV

*** can accommodate 3 persons in one room
*** three Air-conditioned rooms

Non- Air-conditioned room
Php 250.00/person w/ TV & CR
Php 200.00/person w/o TV & CR

***can accommodate 3 persons in one room
***5 Non-air-conditioned rooms


Mr. Robert Socias
Bunawan, Calamba, Misamis Occidental
Tel No. : (088) 271-3743




    Kassandra Pension House is located, at Southwestern Poblacion, Calamba, Misamis Occidental.  It is found just at the heart of the town. Kassandra Pension House blends the friendly atmosphere and entertainment with the fulfilled and relaxed stay of their guests for good reason. The accommodating and hospitable staff has delighted visitors and guests over the years.  It is not just a place to stay but it also offers catering service with their sumptuous food. It has a big parking lot that settles your car safely. A spacious function hall especially designed for trainings, seminars, conferences, birthdays, weddings, and reunions is located at the second floor.


Air-conditioned rooms  -  Php 500.00/night good for 2 person

***can accommodate 3 persons in one room
***3 air-conditioned rooms

Non-Air-conditioned room  -  Php 225.00/night good for 3 person

***can accommodate 3 persons in one room
***7 non-air-conditioned rooms


Mrs. Gleena G. Hung
Southwestern, Calamba, Misamis Occidental
Tel. No. : (088) 271-3678

Festivals to Remember in Calamba


                                        Calamba’s barangay, Southwestern Poblacion, celebrates SINULOG FESTIVAL annually (every second week of the month of January) in honor of Senior Santo Niño. During this momentous event, barangay officials together with parishioners, devotees, participants, guests and neighboring localities join forces in honoring the Patron Saint. Individuals wear varicolored attires and with them are small statues of the Saint while dancing to the beat of instruments.


    Calamba like all other places “has the passion for festivities and celebrations”. The town observes the “Sinulog Festival” which is held every 3rd Sunday of January each year.  Sinulog is a religious festival honoring the Patron Saint, Sto. Nino.  It is spearheaded by the Roman Catholic Church and is celebrated not only by the townfolks  in the community but also people from the neighboring towns.  It is given life through street dancing by the different organizations of the Roman Catholic Church.  Participants clad in multicolored costumes dance to the beat of the drums praying and praising the Baby Jesus whose image is exalted and venerated.



                             Calambahanons celebrate the Araw ng Calamba every 14th of February. In connection, an annual festival is being held called MENAJAK FESTIVAL. The word Menajak is a Subanen word that means LOVE. The festival features various presentations including streets and ritual dances showing the culture and tradition of the Subanen Tribes in the municipality. Dances are participated by college and highschool students of Calamba where they wear colorful costumes and dance to the rhythm of the Agong and drums. Also, the main highlight of this event is the search for Menajak Festival Queen. 
           “In the rural communities festivals and celebrations always take the center stage.” This is equally true with the Menajak Festival of Calamba, Misamis Occidental.  Menajak Festival gathers huge crowd of people who wants to witness the unique presentations emphasizing the cultural and social heritage of the indigenous people of Calamba. This is done every February 14th of each year as Calamba, celebrates its Foundation Day Anniversary.  Menajak is a Subanen term for the word Love and also for a simple reason; it is celebrated every Valentine’s Day.  It is imperative for the organizers of the festival to use the Subanen word because Calamba tries to preserve the cultural heritage of the indigenous people in the community. The Local Government Unit recognizes the Subanens as the original inhabitants of the municipality and bridges the cultural indifferences that exist among its constituents.
             Menajak is not only a mere celebration that entertains however; it gives accent to a free interpretation of the Subanen dance steps and rituals. Participants in Subanen costume synchronize their choreographed movements to the rhythm of the gongs and drums.

              Furthermore, during the 1st half of February, other activities are done everyday. This activities are Employees Night, Educator’s Night and Drum Corp Exhibition, Mob Dance, Hip-hop Dance and Singing Competition of elementary, high school and college students in the community. 

               FEAST OF PATRON SAINT ISIDORE is an annual celebration held every 15th day of May. Calambahanons give honor and devotion to our Patron Saint Isidore for blessing the locals a good harvest of crops and animals. During this time, schools are having their homecoming activities, individuals from afar are coming home to visit their family, relatives and friends. As May 15 approaches, activities are conducted during night to bring more color to the celebration. The most awaited event during the whole celebration is the search for Ms. Calamba Tourism, a beauty competition with a cause. This is carried out to show the youth’s power and involvement in the society by promoting Calamba’s best tourist attractions. 




    During Lenten season, solemn religious ceremonies are practiced by the two leading religious sectors; the Roman Catholic Church and the Philippine Independent Church, re-enacting the agonies and the sufferings of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    Throughout the year, religious activities as well as other ceremonies are the usual practice during their respective annual fiesta celebration. Entertainments and competitions of various types are being conducted.

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